If you are interested in helping please contact us! info@kalkaskawinterfest.org

Volunteer Descriptions

Dog Handling:

Assist in moving dog teams to the starting chute (physically demanding, requires a training session prior to race) 9-3 pm Saturday &/or Sunday 

Setup and Take Down:

Set up barriers and fencing prior to the race start and remove them for storage after the last team has left the starting gate. Setup Friday 10:00 – 2:00pm  Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am, cover road crossings with carpet then snow. Take-down (fences and barricades) Sunday after last team has left the starting chute.

Road Crossings/Trail Help:

You will safely assist the Musher and their dog team on trail or road crossings. (broken into shifts of 2-4 hours) Saturday & Sunday 8:00am until all teams go through, depending upon which race and which crossing you are responsible for or notified that last team has crossed.